středa 8. října 2014

How I wanted to fly away from my own workshop!

Couple days ago I went back home to have a little bit of fun before the uni starts again. Part of the fun was my dad's last minute wedding which I'm sure you don't want to know about and part of it was my printmaking workshop in PAPELOTE.
Well, I am a person who gets nervous about overboiling potatoes, so it's not hard to imagine that what seemed like a great idea in the beginning got my hair stand up the closer the date was.
Will there be enough kids? Will there be too many? Will I have enough tools and paper for everyone? Will they fit on table? Will the inks dry out before the second session starts? Will it be too difficult or  will the kids get bored? Too many questions were waking me up from my sleep nights beforehand.
I tried to prepare myself for every possible situation and arrived to the beautiful Papelote shop an hour in advance, equipped with 3 suitcases and a dozen of 'plans B', just in case ;). Yet it wasn't enough!
What kind of a child wakes up earlier than they need to on a Sunday morning?!? All my effort to arrive early to allow enough time for preparation got wasted as some early birds obviously made an even bigger effort!
When the workshop was about to start, I got even more nervous. I knew I was never good at maths, but  I was sure there was way more children that there was supposed to be! A little error in the matrix perhaps, I thought. Now worrying about paper was not on the schedule (that came later) - first we had to worry about where to fit these extra chaps around the table... The fact that some of them were nowhere near the required age limits was just an 'icing on the cake'. I wished I could fly away back to my warm bed in the minute.
However, it turned out it wasn't necessary! All my worries flew away with the first birds the children made. It was a delightful treat to see them play with all the weird objects and textures and invent their own tools and methods. And on top of that, the birds looked gorgeous! Hopefully the pictures bellow will give you an idea!

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