neděle 23. března 2014

Traditional 'Before-Bologna' Update:)

The frequency of adding new articles on my blog appears to be rather descending... However each year around the end of March despite all the 'getting-everything-ready-for-Bologna hassle, I find a bit of time to upload at least some bits and pieces to make my blog look alive in case some publisher finds his way to it...
And this is the case!
Having said that, I only have few hours before my plane leaves, I am not gonna exaggerate - one or two project must do...

This 'cat' bellow is my recent sequential one. In Czech it's called 'Prd na dobrou noc' (= goodnight fart). In Eglish, it doesn't really make any sense. However in Czech, the word 'prd' (fart) has got a second meaning = 'nothing'... Therefore if your naughty child after a tiring day asks you 'What's today's goodnight story?', you can just say 'prd' and get away with this very short tale... And if your child complains about the tale being too short - just point out the mouse's very long tale and switch the lights off ;)!

Based on this character I also entered our course' competition and designed a poster for our Bologna stand. And believe it or not, it was amongst the three winning ones! :)

Time to read!

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